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Keeping sight for life

At Mind's Eye™, we keep sight of the important things in life in caring for our patients.  With our goal to change the world, we are more passionate and inspired than ever to go beyond improving eyesight. 


With our expanded practice in neuro-visual optometry, we can impact the lives of many more patients.  We can uncover underlying visual system issues between the eyes and the brain that can have physical, mental and emotional effects. 


We can improve those underlying issues with our specialized training and expertise.  We can enhance mental and physical performance, rebuild confidence, and positively impact daily life as a result. That’s our mission and the change we want to be in the world.

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Vision training helps keep Maple Leaf Frederik Andersen's eyes on the prize

In an effort to take his game to the next level, Frederik Andersen has embraced the type of vision training used by baseball hitters. "We wanted to really make sure he was seeing things clearly," explained high-performance coach Scot Prohaska, "and so he could stop that shot once and not do a crazy, athletic move to stop the second shot, because he already saw where it was going to land and stuff like that."


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