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The Mind's Eye™ Story

In practice for nearly 20 years, Dr. Nikolakakis & Associates has passionately helped improve the vision and lives of thousands of patients. The team cares for the whole health of patients and strives to deliver the best eye health care.


Through recent personal experience, Dr. Nikolakakis discovered Neuro-Visual Optometry, a specialty that specifically focuses on the eyes’ neural connections to the brain as an integral part of the visual system.


The visual system plays a profound role in processing the world around us and supports many of our physical and mental functions. After experiencing first-hand how strengthening the connections within the visual system can improve everyday life, Dr. Nikolakakis was inspired to help more people and take his practice to this next level of care.


This expanded new practice is called Mind's Eye™ Neuro-Visual Optometry, representing the care of the connection between the eyes and brain in the visual system.  Mind's Eye™ has VISION BEYOND EYESIGHT, with the specific goal of improving function in everyday life and restoring confidence in every patient.

Dr. Stelios Nikolakakis

Neuro-Visual Optometrist

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