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A new brain connection is made every time you have a new thought, memory or experience

Practised for over 80 years, Neuro-Visual Training (NVT) is a process used to enhance and develop visual system function. Specific training exercises help form stronger visual system connections making the system more efficient. 






The brain is plastic, which means it responds to new experiences by creating or reinforcing connections and reorganizing itself.  Neuro-visual training creates new experiences for the visual system, so over time, the brain itself changes, resulting in improved processing and interpretation of information.


Specifically, NVT can help to improve visual awareness, efficiency, processing, memory and integration.

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Neuro-Visual Training

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Neuro-Visual Training Programs


Neuro-visual training programs are customized for each individual after a full in-office assessment. The program uses a variety of fun and challenging daily exercises designed to focus and improve upon areas identified for development.  The exercises build on one another throughout the program to compound the learning or relearning that takes place. 


Exercises are practised daily at home and through weekly training sessions with a Neuro-Visual Trainer.  The trainer monitors the individual's progress and determines when an exercise has been mastered and when to move on in the program. Lenses, prisms, and other equipment is often used to facilitate the process.


The Mind's Eye™ neuro-visual optometrist designs and oversees the entire program, directing the trainers and regularly testing the patients to monitor progress and determine the next appropriate steps.


Most importantly, NVT programs are designed to build confidence.


At Mind's Eye™, we understand that visual system issues often cause anxiety, frustration, and other challenging circumstances that can interfere with the enjoyment of daily life.  Our priority is restoring patients' confidence by enhancing their visual system abilities so that their families lives can be more enjoyable.  We always encourage, motivate, reward and support each individual and their families throughout the entire program to ensure optimal results. 

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