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Neuro-Visual Training for Visual Alignment

Approximately 2% of the population is affected by an eye condition called strabismus, whereby the eyes are not completely aligned. 

Strabismus can affect eye-teaming abilities, and typically, these “crossed” or “lazy” eyes result in some level of visual discomfort including decreased visual acuity or eye fatigue. Strabismus sometimes requires surgery, but in many cases, Neuro-Visual Training (NVT) can be an effective treatment choice.  While the goal of NVT is to optimize the entire visual system, many of the techniques and exercises are designed to strengthen eye muscles and correct eye teaming issues like strabismus and amblyopia. In cases where surgery is still required, NVT can be an effective therapy before and/or after surgery to help increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. 


Each case of strabismus is unique, and at Mind's Eye™, our aim is to make everyday life a little easier and more comfortable for every patient.  For patients with an eye alignment issue, our Mind's Eye™ neuro-visual optometrists can determine whether a customized NVT program or other intervention could help to improve it.

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