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Ocular Wellness Exam

Did you know that conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and arthritis can affect your eyes?

According to the World Health Organization,

80% of visual impairment can be prevented or cured

We believe healthy vision is a key component for a happy life. Our ocular wellness examinations will fully assess the health and performance of your eyes and their function as part of your visual system.  Exams are performed by a doctor of optometry and include the following elements:


  • Case History: One of our patient wellness team members will ask questions about your medical and family history and any current medications to assess your risk of any specific ocular conditions. We also consider how you utilize your vision throughout the day so we can personalize our recommendations for your needs. 

  • Vision Assessment: Our optometrists will assess your level of vision for both distance and reading. 

  • Binocular Vision Assessment: Through several tests, our doctors will assess if your eyes are working together as a team.


  • Intraocular Pressure Assessment: We assess the intraocular pressure within the eye to rule out diseases such as glaucoma and inflammation of the anterior portion of the eye. 

  • Ocular Health Assessment: After dilating your pupils with some drops, a combination of traditional and advanced imaging technology is used to assess the current condition of your eyes.  We examine any systemic, as well as ocular conditions, you may have that could affect your vision now or in the future.


After a full assessment, our optometrists will make recommendations based on your results. Corrective lenses, vision training or both may be required to optimize your vision or visual system function and the options will be explained in detail.  We also endeavor to educate patients and parents on preserving sight for life.


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