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Paedeatric Ocular Wellness Exam

Having 20/20 vision may not correlate with your child’s ability to read, write or play sports comfortably

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that your child’s first eye examination be at 6 months of age

We participate in the Eye See Eye Learn program. As part of this program, all children currently enrolled in Junior Kindergarten receive a full ocular examination and glasses if necessary at no cost.  

All children 19 and under are fully covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan to receive an annual ocular health examination.



We understand children don’t usually enjoy sitting in chairs for very long.  That’s why we adapt our exams for your child’s age and always make the exam as fun as possible. Our examinations are designed to assess the health and performance of your child’s visual system.  The exam will include the following:


  • Case History: One of our team members will ask about your child’s medical history, birth history, family history and any current medications.  This helps to assess any risk of specific ocular conditions.  We also inquire about performance at school, general development and consider information and concerns that parents, teachers or other health providers may have.

  • Vision Assessment: To assess the level of vision for both reading and distance.

  • Binocular Vision Assessment: Binocular vision is important for optimal academic and sports performance.  Our doctors use fun games to assess if your child’s eyes work together effectively as a team and they have appropriate depth perception,and focusing ability

  • Colour Vision Assessment: To assess the ability to perceive colour appropriately. 

  • Ocular Health Assessment: Using a combination of traditional and digital imaging technology, the optometrist will specifically examine the optic nerve, blood vessels and retina to ensure that your child’s eyes are developing appropriately.


After a full assessment, our optometrists will make recommendations based on the results of your child’s full examination. Corrective lenses, vision training or both may be required to optimize your child’s vision or visual system function and the options will be explained in detail.  We also endeavor to educate patients and parents on preserving sight for life.



To book an appointment for your family today, please call (416) 237-0630 or click above to book online

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