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Dr. Stelios Nikolakakis

Dr. Vivienne Chan

Dr. Mario Di Cosmo

Our Mission:

To provide the best quality health care in the community, focusing on empowerment through education and always keeping sight of the important things in life.


Our Vision:

  • Provide excellent patient care, promote health, and improve quality of life through better vision and overall better wellness;

  • Deliver a broad range of vision care services in order to improve and preserve vision;

  • Be a leader in vision care among the community through continuous improvement, innovation and investment in our people, technology and facilities;

  • Ensure co-ordinated, quality care by fostering partnerships with families, ophthalmologists, family physicians and other health care providers;

  • Provide a healthy, creative and rewarding work environment that attracts and develops the very best team.



Our Values:

  • Integrity, growth, teamwork;

  • Compassion, dignity and respect;

  • Honesty, trust and effective communication;

  • Respect for patient and team confidentiality;

  • Valuing our team;

  • Providing growth opportunities to our team and patients.

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