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Dr. Nikolakakis, OD
Neuro-Visual Optometrist

As a young child with glasses, Dr. Nikolakakis was exposed early on to the world of optometry.  He was fascinated with the equipment, the procedures, and with helping people.  By the time he was 15, he decided to become an optometrist, and was committed to taking care of people’s eyesight.


Over the years, he developed a robust patient roster and great relationships.  He lectured often at the University of Waterloo, and kept learning himself- in his field, and in pursuits dedicated to developing a strong mind, body and spirit.


He also married and was blessed with 3 sons.  One child, born very prematurely, has some developmental issues. This new experience led Dr. Nikolakakis down another learning path, where he discovered new insights about empathy, human development and strength of character.


He also discovered Neuro-Visual Training. For his son, it offered new opportunities to improve his abilities, and the quality of his daily life.  Dr. Nikolakakis knew he could help many others if he had the knowledge to practice it himself.


Dr. Nikolakakis studied Neuro-Visual Optometry for a year, and now continues to deepen his knowledge under the guidance of: Dr. Robert Sanet, Dr. Robin Lewis and Stefan Collier- all North American leaders in the field. He is dedicated to this expanded new practice and proud to be the leader of an exceptional team; all committed to improving the visual systems and daily lives of all the patients at Mind’s Eye Neuro-Visual Optometry.



Professional education: OD, University of Waterloo, 1996; B.Sc., University of Waterloo, 1996; Advanced Ocular Disease Therapeutics


Memberships: Canadian Association of Optometrists, Ontario Association of Optometrists, College of Optometrists of Ontario; College of Optometrists in Vision Development; Optometric Extension Program Foundation (Neuro-Visual Training)

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