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Allegra Shepherd RO B.A,

Registered Neuro-Optician






Background: My love for vision care started when I was a nine when my stepfather took me to help him choose his new glasses. A year later we were back to choose frames for myself, and the optician took the time to explain exactly what made the lenses so special and individualized. I had a feeling deep down I'd end up being an optician, though it took several detours to get here (other job prospects included journalist, dermatologist, podcast host, translator, CSIS agent and rock star). I spent my undergrad at York University studying languages (I am fluent in French and passable in a handful of others), institutional communication, chemistry and writing. That meli-melo of subjects culminated in an honours BA. I paid tuition by working in a neighborhood optical shop, and that reignited my passion. Upon graduation, I immediately ran off to Seneca College for their Opticianry program. I have never looked back.

Professional: Registered Optician - College of Opticians of Ontario, Diploma in Opticianry - Seneca College, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - York University


Personal Interests: : I enjoy cooking delicious vegan food for myself and others, running (I have a tradition of running a half-marathon on my birthday), cycling (I am on the board for the Cycle For Sight, an annual distance bike ride in support of retinal research), reading voraciously, singing karaoke, taking courses and spending time with my rescue dogs Clove and Clio. I am a big believer in the power of social accountability and make a habit of saying YES more often than saying NO.

Favourite Quote:  "No one gets remembered for the things they didn't do." - Frank Turner, Peggy Sang the Blues

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