Julie Crutchfeild,

Lead Neuro-Visual Office Administrator







Background: I come from a family who taught me that always helping others and giving back is the best reward I will ever receive. Both my parents worked for the Children’s Aid Society and my father was a proud Toronto Police Officer. Our family dedicated each and every day, our love and support to children of abuse, neglect and poverty and to those who had special needs. Daily we would take these children in and try to show them they are loved and that they can feel safe with us until it was time to go to a permanent home.

Growing up in this environment has given me the ability so share my story with others and to continue to do what I love best.


Volunteer: Trillium Hospital, Children’s Aid Society, PLASP After school Assistant

Personal Interests: I absolutely love to travel, started traveling with my parent at a very young age. Love the outdoors and trying adventurous activities that I would not normally do. Love to read, swim, hike (when warm) and believe it or not …..clean! Love spending time with family and am a workaholic and love working a variety of jobs to gain new experiences and meet new people.

Favourite Quote: “Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of our future ruin the happiness of your present" - Unknown