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Eline, B.Sc 

Neuro-Visual Trainer



Background:  During my psychology studies back in the Netherlands, I got fascinated by how the brain and visual system work. While doing my bachelor thesis about the early visual processing of facial expressions I got exposed to the wonderful complexities of the visual system and the many things still left undiscovered. I love that at Mind's eye I’m able to learn new things about vision and all the surprising and incredible ways it is intertwined with physical, social, and emotional well-being.  


Memberships: Utrecht University Alumni, Resonance Choir  

Giving Back: Volunteering at choirs for people with Aphasia and people with Dementia. I have a passion for singing and I love seeing the positive effect choral singing can have on these people. 

Professional: Honours B.Sc. (Neuro) Psychology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. 

Personal Interests: (Choral) singing, Traveling, Hiking  

Favourite Quote: “The human brain is one of the most complex things known to man… According to the human brain” – Anonymous

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