Sarah Zohar-Seigel, COVT, MA, BSc 

Neuro-Visual Trainer



Background: I have been involved in vision research since 2010. I studied the role of depth perception on memory, the neurological and perceptual effects of retinoblastoma, and the influence of vision on attention, among other topics. I was ecstatic when I discovered Neuro-Visual Training, where I could combine my desire to help others with my years of visual neuroscience research. I am very passionate about my work, and am grateful to be a part of such a collaborative team. From working with those who experienced a traumatic brain injury to reduce their day-to-day pain, to helping a child discover they are far better at academics than they ever realized, to helping an athlete get to that next level in their sport; I look forward to supporting each individual that I have the pleasure of training. 


Professional: COVT, Accredited Vision Therapist, 2018; M.A., Neuropsychology, York University, 2015; Honours B.Sc., Biology and Psychology, York University, 2013.


Awards: Canadian Psychology Award for Academic Excellence, 2016; Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2014; Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Canadian Graduate Scholarship, 2013; W.B. Templeton Honours Thesis Award, 2013; NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award, 2012.


Memberships: Vision Therapy Canada, Vision Sciences Society, Centre for Vision Research York University, Canadian Society for Brain Behaviour and Cognitive Sciences, Golden Key International Honours Society, Miracles for Mount Sinai Hospital

Giving Back: President of Miracles for Mount Sinai, volunteer university note taker for individuals with special needs.


Professional Interests: Traumatic brain injury, sports vision, child development


Personal Interests:  I love spending time with family and friends, traveling the world, crafting, reading, cooking, and of course eating. I am an avid sports fan (especially the Raptors), and enjoy going to live sporting events and concerts. 

Favourite Quote: “The human brain is one of the most complex things known to man… According to the human brain” – Anonymous